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Do's and Don't's

DO's - Good Practices for Investors:

Be aware of temptation of investments with excessive profit forecasts.
Make your personal budget & financial planning according to your income and expenditure
Know about risks associated with different investment products & sectors
Decide about your investment in different securities and sectors out of your savings
Before making your investment decision, evaluate and analyze thoroughly
Be conscious about the securities and money kept in your account
Be informed about the rules and regulations regarding investment and abide by those
Have clear idea about a company's trend in financial condition, management, and other matters before investment
Open investment account gathering knowledge about the intermediaries
Make investment decisions at your own, if necessary, consult with professional investment analysts
Set different investment phases according to your financial plan
Consider your re- payment ability and terms & conditions before taking loan
If you have any complaint, submit it to the Stock Exchanges or the Commission
Make investment and sell decisions at proper time
DONT's - Practices to Avoid for Investors:

Do not invest all of your savings in a single sector
Do not take loans in excess of your financial capability
Do not invest with influence of others
Do not invest on the basis of rumors
Do not invest on the expectation of guaranteed Profit
Do not invest on uncertain information or colorful advertisements
Do not invest at an irrational, excessive rate
There is risk associated with every investment, do not invest before analyzing the risk
Do not invest in any illegal or unapproved sector knowingly
Do not invest in non-institutional sectors
Do not sign in unauthorized deeds or forms
Do not invest in any securities or offer which does not have proper approval, even if it promises high return & low risk