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Know, understand and
make investment decision

Capital market is risky It is essential to educate the investors to encourage for prudent investment. There are some risks in all types of investments. Financial literacy means the awareness about financial capability and investment risk that helps taking proper investment decision through long term planning.

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Plans for Future

This immense initiative of BSEC hold the foresight to make a potential investment literate population for the betterment of the economy. This financial literacy program is part of a master plan to disseminate the necessary knowledge of investment to the people of this country.

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Minimizing the Risk

Investing trend of the general population relies on their psychological whims which are closely related to their unruly instincts. Most invest without consideration to their own income and savings, motivated by greed, and depending solely on rumor. To eradicate the failures resulting from these factors, financial literacy is essential.

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Journey to the Top

Entering the league of developed countries will require a trove of achievements & milestones for our country. We, after our glorious War of Liberation, have come a long way. But yet, there remains a long way to go by exceeding expectations & breaking records by showing the world our tenacity to reach the top. Financial Literacy program will pave the way for our people to advance themselves to the steps beside the citizens of developed countries.

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